AGS Talent reported to you by Connor

The AGS talents show that was in the Community Theatre Monday to Thursday last week was a great success.


The community theatre was filled every day and the crowd loved it; an audience member said this about the show; “I really enjoyed the AGS talent show. It was great to see all the different acts doing what they do best. It was also really mice to see how many people turned out to watch, support and encourage the acts; it made a great atmosphere in the community theatre”.


The show was for the year 11’s business enterprise scheme. With students helping collecting money and organising backstage.


On Monday the winners of the public vote from the previous week went into the final with the eventual winner being a year 7 student called Jordy, who sang the Tinie Tempah song ‘Earthquake’. Jordy said this after his win; “I was very surprised that I won and in the future I am going to work with Kieran”.


Overall the talent show was an outstanding success and I’m sure it should be done again in the future.