Technology Taking Over?



New gadgets and gizmos are coming into shops every day.


Latest statistics says we throw away over 17 million gadgets a year! Have you ever asked yourself, “Do I really need this?”


This rising trend has got environmental groups worried that in the rush to get our hands on the latest equipment, we are not disposing of our old things properly.


As well as being environmentally unfriendly, is all this technology taking us backwards instead of into the future? Does the figure reflect that we are too reliant on what things are doing for us, rather than doing it for ourselves?


As soon as new games, phones, consoles, computers and many, many more gadgets come into the shops, we believe we need to buy them to be cool, or to fit in.


What will happen if we carry on like this?


What will technology do?


Technology advances will keep on going - will you? When is the ‘latest’ console or phone enough? Is the newest really the better option?


So the next time you see that advert – think about the life span of what you are about to buy, because you know there’s a new one just around the corner!


By Niamh