Charity Football Charity - Reported by Alex




On Friday the 11th of November, year 9 and 10s’ football teams’ went head to head in a fanatical charity event to support Children In Need. Gael Bigirimana came to show his support with the charity and warmed up the ash green youths before the kick off and stayed to watch. Gael, 18, fromBurundi has now moved to the local club – Coventry city Fc. The young midfielding talent said: “It was a pleasure to work with the boys. They showed real talent, and fought hard to final whistle.”


Gael’s words were very true, as the unfortunate year nines played their hearts out and pushed themselves to their extreme limits until the final whistle was sounded. Although year nines conceded early on-twice, young talent Adam got on back for the team. Unlucky result for year nines finalised at 4-1 to the year 10’s. Although year nines suffered a defeat on paper, everyone won that day with a grand total of £122.00 from refreshments, tickets, and the player’s donations for the charity also.

The goalkeeping year 9: Ryan was rewarded from his efforts with the man of the match award, Ryan, 13, was very pleased with his efforts and said: “I feel very proud and I thoroughly enjoyed playing with the year 10’s.”