Ash Green Running To Success

by Amelia


What is your school doing about the Olympics? Ash Green is one of the many schools across the nation which is getting a better understanding of this event. Miss. Mistry, a sports teacher at Ash Green School, is getting the school involved in more activities, like the Olympics, whether it is inside or out of the school walls. She said, ‘The school as a whole is getting more involved and I am proud to be a part of this. I began doing this as I really enjoy teaching the children as well as the biggest sport event in the world. So I decided to combine them and teach the children more about the Olympics, considering London is holding it this year.’ I also spoke to a student at Ash Green named Charlie, he said, ‘It is important to learn about the Olympics because it inspires people to stay fit and active during the present time and the future’. What is your school doing for the big competition this year? Thank you, now back to the studio.


Help During Transition

by Amelia and Tom


Why do secondary schools invite younger students to visit their school? Well Ash Green School is one out of very many schools that invite primary students to introduce them to the big world! I interviewed Mr. Clancy from Ash Green and he said, ‘We invite primary schools to encourage students to choose our school and to help them in transition when they do. They get to see what Ash Green is all about, as well as meeting older pupils from this school. We normally do drama and P.E exercises like trampolining, assault courses, stage fighting, mask work and dance.’ Mr. Clancy also stated, ‘most of time, all students enjoy it and it increases the numbers of intakes, also, we get to understand the children’s needs’.


I myself visited a session at Ash Green where a local primary school came up to the school and found it very interesting, so did I.  While I was there, the pupils took part in an assault course activity. They were split into 3 teams, the green team, the blue team and the red team. The result was close to call but the red team won! I found the experience really enjoyable and it gave me a taste of how school is different to when many adults were that age.


The school feels that it is a rewarding experience and it gets them motivated as well as getting them involved with the local community in many ways. Overall, it helps ease the link between secondary and primary. What does your school do to help the younger generation? Now back to the studio.