Driving Harrison’s Journey to success!

By Ellie


            Have you ever experienced an extremely intricate operation at a young age? Or been constricted to a wheelchair? Well, Harrison Soanes from Nuneaton at just 3 years old has under gone both of these.


            Harrison suffered from Spastic Depligia Cerebral Pulsy. This is a condition where his physical impairment effects his movement. To ease this, he had an operation at St Louis hospital in America. However, it would cost him over £40,000 for the operation and crucial physio. Karli(mum), Lee (dad) and older brother Taylor organised a charity called Harrison’s Journey to fund his vital opportunity to freedom.


            They needed to have the operation because it was painful and discomforting for little Harrison. It was going to be hard, but his physiotherapist’s daughter, Niamh and her form tutor Miss Hagan managed to raise over £2,000! Niamh explained, ‘It was really nice to see Harrison, the little boy I knew progress in his journey. It has been exciting and I have been inspired to do more charity work!’ This was a momentous occasion for everybody. It started off as a fun, helpful activity to get involved in, but ended as an emotional but exciting journey; a journey that brought the whole community together.


            The target goal was succeeded through charity nights, Ash Green’s help and many more supportive events. Thankfully, in August 2011 Harrison successfully completed the operation. Let’s hope he will be soon running round the garden with Taylor! Working together, the community has achieved something phenomenal. Is there someone in need near you?      



Ellie and Matthew report on Ah Green's contribution to

'Children In Need'

This week, a trio of Year Nine boys have organised a charity raffle raising money for the BBC’s ‘Children In Need’ on Friday 18th November. The money helps children who lead a difficult or troubled life in some way. The charity helps them to have some fun and support their learning.


Connor, James and Callum have sold 31 raffle tickets at 25 pence each and have made £7.75. Matthew (Year 8) bought a raffle ticket from them and said “I hope to win a yummy prize in the raffle!” The prizes consist of chocolates and sweets which the boys have supplied.


Miss Harrison (English teacher) and Miss O’Malley (English and Drama teacher) have been helping the Year Nines with their raffle and Miss Harrison quoted: “I am really pleased with the boys”. And I agree, the boys have worked hard, and have spent their own time and money for others in need of help which is very generous of them.


Other classes and children in Year Nine have been organising events for ‘Children In Need’ includes a charity football games, penalty shoot outs, graffiti art walls and lots of delicious cake sales! Well done Year Nine!